Welcome to WONDERLUST!

We are Jonty and Millie and our kids are Milo and Aspen. We have just landed in Singapore, starting the next chapter of our lives living and working here!

Previously, this blog page was just blogs about places we have visited, but we are re-directing the focus to be more about the journey and experience of relocating and being expats – along with the memories and cool places we find along the way!

For our friends, we hope this will be a site where we can keep you up-to-date with how we are doing and what we are up to. For anyone looking to relocate, we hope our experience, the tips and mistakes along the way will help you in your relocation adventure too! And for any travel lovers, we hope that you will enjoy our posts about the different places and world cultures we encounter along the way!

WONDERLUST is the constant search for the wonderful things in the world. Join us on our journey!






All photos are my own unless otherwise stated.