Back to school

[Millie] It’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog post. If I’m honest it doesn’t come naturally to me, but then neither did making YouTube videos and that’s almost second nature now. Clicking away to edit, knowing where to find music and effects and how to add them in. So perhaps I should just start – put fingers to the keyboard, so to speak! Although I am a huge fan of pen to paper too.

One of our recent vlogs talked about singapore being cold! As I sit here it’s 25 degrees and wet, the sky is grey and taking the children to school this morning gave my mind that familiar memory of English weather. The weather felt cool on my skin which is welcome break from the humidity, although I still had a dress and flip flops on!

Milo and Aspen have returned to school in their new grades. Grade 3 for Milo which is year 4 in the UK – to me he still doesn’t seem old enough but then perhaps he’ll always seem little being the first born. Aspen has joined Jonty and Milo at the same school campus this year in Grade 1, she seems very grown up and had slotted right in with her new teacher and friends. With Jonty teaching in person my week days are much quieter and there is no where near as much washing up as there was in the holidays!

Back to school

Singapore still has restrictions in place with groups only allowed to gather and dine in up to five people, which as a family of four means only one other, and thats if you’ve completed both Covid-19 vaccinations. Jonty and I have had both of ours but we prefer to have people over to our home instead as we can have five visitors per day. Masks are still worn everyday outside of the homes, thats become second nature now too. No more walking back into the house because we’ve forgotten it. We have to track and trace where with go with an App or a token still which will let us know if we’ve been in contact with any one who has Covid-19 or been in the same shop or building. And travel, well we aren’t leaving the country anytime soon but it also means our family and friends still can’t get in, yet! I’m staying hopeful for next year.

On the wet days we’ve been finding things to do indoors. So many activities can be found in Shopping malls. I recently took the children to a free painting session (free painting as in you can paint what you like, the session was paid for) at Cafe de Paris which also serves Korean dessert. Quite an eclectic mix of things going on but it works! You get a canvas, use of paints, materials and a drink for the price. You dry your artwork there with a hairdryer so we could take our artwork home the same day.

Part of relocating is exploring new places and experiences and I feel very thankful that living here has enabled us to experience lots of different things. I’ve been planning more episodes for our channel and have some fun things lined up. Do subscribe to see what we’re up to and follow us over on instagram too @wonderlustvlog.

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