Trying Singapore’s First Eggslut Outlet

I arrived in line at 10:20am. Singapore’s first Eggslut would be opening at 11am. 

As I rode the MRT to the station I flicked through Instagram and Eggslut had posted that the first 100 in line will get a mystery prize. I started to feel excited. I passed staff with balloons and was greeted with an egg shaped fan and a pair of yellow egg glasses before being shown where to wait in line. I was meeting a friend who on arrival was surprised to see a line already so long. We tried to calculate if we’d be in the first 100!! The name Eggslut was originally used to refer to chefs who add eggs to everything to make it taste better.

Photo credit: Lissy

The line continued to grow. Several people with cameras came about filming, some for their own Instagram and some more official media all adding to the hype. A local YouTuber asked me some questions for his channel. I was starting to see why waiting in line to be one of the first to try a new place was so popular. 

Some people brought snacks, books and even fold out chairs – I’m guessing these guys have done this before! 

The line only began to move along around 11:15 and we shuffled along, keeping our one meter distance, until we were at the front. One and a half hours later! 

We knew what wanted to order so we placed it and redeemed the tickets for being one of the first 100 customers. I got an egg shaped keyring! Umbrellas, notebooks and paper clips were some of the other give away items. 

We were given little pagers and eagerly waited for it to go off.  There was quite a buzz inside with chattering and hearing the kitchen staff talking to one another. We could see the food being prepared and each time wondered if it was ours. We hadn’t had breakfast so were now very ready to eat! 

I ordered their in house craft soda of elderflower and lemon, they also have grapefruit and ginger which packs a punch for $4.50. Like I said I knew what to order from a picture I saw on Instagram and had been looking forward to it. At $23 dollars it’s not a ‘cheap’ lunch but I was about to find out why! 

I ordered The Gaucho – Wagu tri-tip beef, cage-free egg, chimichurri sauce, red onions in a soft brioche bun.

On my first bite the chimichurri sauce fills your mouth with fresh flavour and the right amount of spice and coriander. The wagu beef was perfect, I like my beef more on the rare side so I was pleased with this! The egg adds a nice touch but If I’m being honest I would have wanted it to shine through a bit being more, what with the name of the restaurant being Eggslut. 

I had to slow myself down as I was so hungry and it was really good, the brioche bun was soft and sweet. I took a break and tried their famous Slut costing $11 which features a coddled egg on top of smooth, creamy puree potato which is poached in a little jar then topped with chives and grey salt.

The Slut

On receiving this order I was told to mix it all the way to the bottom. I put my spoon in and a beautiful deep orange egg yolk seeped out. The mark of a good free range egg. I mixed it all up as instructed and spread some on the crisp sliced baguette that accompanied it. It’s also great to dip like a fancy ‘eggs and soldiers’.

The crunchy bread is great with the smooth mash. You get three pieces of the bread slices which went quickly, so I finished the rest off with a spoon straight from the pot! At $11 it’s not quite a meal on its own but I felt it’s a bit pricy for a side order. Once you’ve got your main which starts from $10 and your drink you’re looking around $20+ for a meal. 

My friend had their truffle hash browns at $4.50 and they were really good dipped in their house mayo. The bacon, cheese and egg sandwich at $12 was really flavourful and she said the egg made more of a flavour appearance so perhaps the chimichurri masked the egg flavour. 

Bacon Egg and Cheese with Truffle Hash Browns

Having said that it was delicious and I still felt full come dinner time. 

The interior of the place has an industrial feel but is spacious with huge floor to ceiling windows giving a great view of orchard road. The place is set up with a mixture of seating. High tables line the windows, a perfect place for people watching or you can opt for cosy seating towards the back. If you like to see the food being prepared there are smaller tables as the kitchen is open plan. Eggslut started off as a food truck in LA before evolving into what it is today. You can grab yours at 6 Scotts Road from 8am to 10pm.

Watch my live review over on out YouTube channel here!

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