Amber Ember

A friend introduced me to a cafe a short bus ride from our apartment. We often go and explore further afield and sometimes forget about the places right on our doorstep! Amber Ember have an amazing instagram feed and their cafe is stylised in a similar way. Sleek and modern, the owners have used the space well creating a cosy space that feels larger than it is due to a large window at the back letting light flood in.

There is a take away window outside the cafe which is right in front of a bus stop but we headed inside to cool down. The dusty pink interior makes you feel calm and chilled and the smell of coffee and toast fills the room.

I love the smell and taste of coffee but unfortunately the caffeine doesn’t agree with me. Most coffee drinkers have a cup to kick start their morning but I just get a headache and feel really drowsy! I usually make my own decaf latte at home using our Nespresso machine as I find sometimes even a decaf cup from a cafe sadly has a similar headache inducing effect. Any way, this cafe offers a selection the usual hot drinks and kombucha (something I haven’t really enjoyed drinking in the past) and fruity teas which you can have hot or cold. I’m usually not a fan of these either as I’m a sweet tea drinker. With a small selection of soft drinks on offer I gave their hot Berries Merah a try. My friend recommend their cheese toasties, named Jaffles, and I picked their ‘Cheesus loves you’ which was the one that came with the most amount of cheese as its probably one my favourite things to eat!! 

We ordered our food and paid with a mobile based system after scanning a QR code with our phone so it is super easy and fast and I guess reduces people contact as we still manage Covid cases, or maybe that’s how it always is! Our waiter came over with our orders and added the personal friendly touch by welcoming us table side. As you can see above, my cheese toasty was a far cry from the ones I used to make at home – this one was sophisticated and buried beneath a pile of well balanced salad. Their Jaffles range from about 10 to 15 dollars and I believe the menu changes so there is always something to come back for. My toastie was melted perfectly and had caramelised onion inside which was sweet and the cheeses were creamy with the salad acting as a fresh palate cleanser in-between gooey cheese heaven. I have a large appetite and if this was for a lunch to fill me up until dinner I’d have added some fries too. My hot tea of sweet blackberries and spices reminded me of winter in the UK as my husband always made a spiced apple for me. With this place being so easy to get to I can imagine we’ll be back for breakfast at some point or a quick take away coffee on our way past.

Address: 730 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-01, Singapore 534613

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 10am – 5pm (closed on Monday)

Weekends 10am – 6pm

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