Cookie and Cuddle cafe

I use instagram a lot to search for places to go and a newly opened cafe caught my attention because of the pancakes they make and their resident guests. Cookie and Cuddle cafe is affectionally named after their adorable chipoo dogs!

We were warmly welcomed by the owners of the cafe and their three adorable chipoos – chihuahua and toy poodle mix breed. We arrived for opening at 11am and had the place to ourselves for a while. The cafe has a bright and airy feel and the high ceilings make the narrow shophouse style feel huge. I ordered a tea which came in a beautiful glass tea pot and the kids had orange juice which was hand pressed and delicious with just the right amount of sharp orange and sweetness.

I had seen their Doggyaki pancakes on instagram and ordered one for myself and the kids to share ($12). Whilst we waited for the waffle maker to heat up we got to meet their three dogs – Kiki, Cuddle and Cookie. It was love at first sight for us all! Small in size with the softest fuffy fur and a kind temperament, these dogs relished in the strokes and massages we gave them!

We peeled ourselves away from the dogs as our waffle was brought over. We couldn’t decide on a flavour of ice cream so had both! Sprinkled with crunchy chocolate and Biscoff the ice cream was full of flavour and not too sweet. The crunch went brilliantly with the warm, light and airy waffle and as an extra treat bite size pieces of their home made cold brownie. Yes, cold. Normally I like a warm chocolate brownie with cold ice cream but this cold one is a winner with its fudge like texture and rich chocolate that again wasn’t too sweet. The three of us shared this dish as it is generous in size.

The drinks are reasonable in price as are their selection of house brownies, lovingly made by hand and using good quality ingredients. Knowing that the owners have spent time perfecting their recipes and that the menu will grow and develop make this cafe some where we’ll be re-visiting for sure!

Address: 342 Racecourse Rd, Singapore, 218678

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 11am – 6pm

Weekends 11am – 7pm

One thought on “Cookie and Cuddle cafe

  1. What a great combination – dogs and waffles. I’ll have so many places on my list to visit. Wish them well in their new venture.

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