Château de Canon, Normandy

I recently heard that the Château de Canon in Normandy was still thriving and looked back on our time there in 2012 with some very fond memories. Having spent some time cycling around the region, we had spotted the beautiful Château from a distance and had seen signs for children-friendly farm, so we decided to return to the spot on a whim that we may find ourselves a lovely afternoon. And what a treat it was!

We parked up and took a stroll through the grounds towards the Château. There were swans on the pond, gliding through the water, escorting us along the bank towards the entrance. The history of the place stretches as far back as the 15th Century and has remained in the hands of the same family and original features of the 1689 building are still visible today. The family members all pledge to commit 150 hours a year to the upkeep of the Château and their hard work is evident in this beautiful home.

We spent some time walking around the grounds, enjoying the nature, including spotting some sizeable rainbow trout in the streams as well as the wide variety of flowers that were being grown in the grounds. Château de Canon boasts a French Garden, an English Garden and many other areas to explore and enjoy. Any National Trust members will love what is on offer, providing a very French version of a typical National Trust home.

We then explored the farm, taking advantage of a trail set out by the owners which made sure we experienced everything they had on offer. The farm is really a big yard with fun farmyard animals in it for children’s enjoyment, rather than a working farm. We were entertained by an escaping pig who took some catching!

A little map helped the young ones to navigate to the various animals and a rope bridge tested the nerve of even the braver older ones!

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