Arromanche: D-Day Landing Site

A warm sea breeze with a slightly overcast sky seemed the perfect pathetic fallacy for a day at Arromanche, a beautiful seaside town, forever in debt to those who lost their lives to save it.

We love to explore and we only had a short afternoon at Arromanche but we were determined to see as much as we could. Fascinated by history and the events surrounding Arromanche’s story we spotted a military tank up on a hill so tried to find a way up. When we reached the tank we were rewarded with a stunning view over the Normandy town. A fairytale Château sat just below us and behind it, the view of the town, the beach and the sea.

While we were at the tank, we read a pamphlet that advertised a 360 degree cinematic experience of WWII, and that we only had 20 minutes until the afternoon showing. We had to hurry and the screen was even higher up this hill. So we made our way and eventually got there, just in time for the showing. The cinema was a part of a small museum that contained a few original artefacts from WWII.

The footage was pretty incredible. A mixture of original and more recent footage created a very realistic view of what life was like around WWII and what it may have been like riding in a tank and marching with comrades.

After the screening was over we made our way back down to the beach. We spent some time sat on the sand just pondering what had taken place there on that day. As we looked out at the horizon you could see some sunken boats.

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